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As a modern business, it is extremely important to have not only a website, but a website that looks professional and beautiful on any device. This was especially true for Timeless Vintage Rentals, whose website was not mobile friendly and needed some tlc.

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The main visitors coming to the Timeless Vintage Rental site are potential clients, mostly bride-to-be's. Keeping that in mind, I decided the inventory should be the prime focus of the site, while also showcasing beautiful wedding shots that Timeless Vintage has been featured in. The use of black and white keeps the style unopposing, as well as keeping it looking consistent, and allowing color to pop through when the visitor hovers over the inventory, showing them more and drawing them in.

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From the beginning of the project, it was clear that it would be extremely important that the Timeless Vintage site would be optimized for viewing on any device. As such, the website changes fluidly between any size, making sure that no matter what size screen her visitor's are using, they are getting the best experience.

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